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Multi Purpose Merinos

The Merino of the Future

Multi Purpose Merinos offer a genetic package that is high in production, predictable in its gene base, and delivers wool, meat and fertility on an easy care sheep. Our flock has been developed through a well-focused and disciplined breeding objective. We use a combination of objective measurement: Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) together with Sheep Genomics, and subjective measurement on structure and wool traits.



  • HIGH FAT AND MUSCLE – the majority of our animals are in the top 5% and the highest of any stud’s in Australia. Post weaning eye muscle depth (PEMD) and post weaning fat depth (PFAT) increase lamb conception and survival, especially under tough climatic conditions. These traits provide better resistance and resilience to internal parasites, increase growth and meat yield, all resulting in a high quality product for the consumer.


  • HIGH FERTILITY – still the number one production trait in Merino sheep.


  • EASY CARE SHEEP – plain body, wrinkle free sheep. Therefore no mulesing since 2005 allowing low maintenance with minimal chemical and labour required.




High growth – focused on post weaning weight (PWT) for wether lamb turn off and ewe lamb joinings. The majority of our animals are in the top 10% in the ASBV’s ‘MERINOSELECT’.


Balanced genetics – research over the years has shown us the trade off’s that go with selecting for single traits.  All our selection traits are balanced for a maternal merino ewe, with high production and high efficiency.​


Surplus sheep and quality meat carcass – a real income earner when high fertility can be achieved. Red meat protein is increasingly in demand from a global market. Our surplus ewes are ideal for terminal cross lambs and our Merino lamb carcass has all the attributes of terminal breed fat lambs, a Win Win for everyone.


Fast growing, soft white wool – most animals are in the top 10% for yearling staple length (YSL). We have an emphasis on quality and quantity of wool, without compromising the above traits.



Paddock run rams – run as large contemporary groups under commercial conditions.


All rams with ASBV’s – on the traits we see as important for commercial productivity.


Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) practices in place – we understand that nutritional requirement and genetics go hand in hand.


Science being used as a production tool– we are early adopters of new technology ie. AI, ET, Electronic Tag’s, ASBV’s and Sheep Genomic.